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Our process for ordering Panoramas, Matted Prints and Custom Framing is as follows:
— Each picture has an Item number, copy that number into the Custom Order Form.
— Complete the order form below(You can order up to 3 photo per form)
— Click the Submit button
— Within 48 hours we will email you back an invoice (Via PayPal) for your approval. The invoice will contain the cost of the item, any application — Sales Tax and shipping up to $30. Bella Mondo Images will pay the rest of the shipping costs
— If you approve the invoice, the submit your payment through PayPal and we will complete your order.
— If you decide you do not want to continue, that fine, just exit out of PayPal.
— In any case if you would like to leave us a question or comments, please contact us at inf0@bellamondoimages.com or call us at 585-857-9371

Thank You

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